Selamat Datang! Welcome to Indonesia!

Indonesia offers every visitor a special piece of tourist heaven, be it a kind, helpful local, an authentic Indonesia hotel, the great sunsets and surf, or even the hot food that makes you want to grab a cold one! Whilst tourist favourites such as Bali are always great to visit, much of Indonesia remains unexplored and untouched by tourism and provides the intrepid traveller with many highlights. Come to Indonesia and explore this fascinating destination!

Indonesia is a superb part of the world to explore with its semi-active volcanoes, jungles and deserted beaches.

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The tiny islands of the archipelago spread out like little pebbles across the equator and there is a lot to see and do in Indonesia amongst them. Clear blue waters lap pristine beaches, gentle breezes whisk you away to beautiful memories, and spices and flowers decorate most of the places to stay in Indonesia. Moving inland, dramatic volcanic ranges tower above a green expanse of terraced hillsides and lush tropical rainforests. A great way to explore this fascinating archipelago is by taking a tour of Indonesia.

Bali offers a slice of paradise: gorgeous scenery, sarong-clad women and breathtaking sunsets. Try catching some surf, or the raving nightlife (visitors, be warned that possessing illegal drugs in Indonesia could cost you your life!) or just settle for a quiet night out on a beautiful beach. On Bali, explore Ubud's wealth of traditional arts, or peaceful Lombok, where life certainly moves at a slower pace. Don't miss the bustling city of Jakarta, which clearly shows Indonesia's cosmopolitan, modern face. Whilst Aceh makes an interesting getaway with its beaches, lakes, plantations, forests and historical monuments. It lies to the northern tip of Sumatra and has a rich and enduring legacy as the Gateway to South East Asia.

Other places worth a visit are Komodo Island's 'living dinosaurs' and the entrancing 'sea gardens' of Suwalesi where divers are a fast growing breed of visitors. Borobudur's architectural treasures, which include three miles of Buddhist relief carvings are also very interesting. Adventure-seekers should head for Kalimantan's remote jungle interior or explore Sumatra, with its teeming wildlife and wealth of tribal groups. You can also use our Indonesia map to find a place to stay based on its location.

Many potential travellers are worried about safety in Indonesia even though most parts of Indonesia are safe, especially for tourists. There are a few problems in some parts of Indonesia, but that's only a few places among thousands you could visit. It's unfair to judge the whole Indonesia by those few places only.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world after China, India and the United States. It is also the largest Muslim state and although the islands are home to more numerous ethnic groups, most Indonesians are of mixed Malay origins and practice Islam. The islands are inhabited by many tribes with diverse culture and languages, although there is a national language spoken throughout the country, namely Bahasa Indonesia. It is thus appropriate, that the state philosophy is Pancasila, or the Five Principles. This year marks Indonesia's auspicious fiftieth anniversary of independence.

This rich tapestry of history and culture, kingdoms, conquests, trade and colonialism has resulted in a mix of Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and indigenous tribal culture, colourful festivals and ceremonies that make every season come alive. The political and civil situation, however, remains fragile - please check with your embassy before travelling. Despite all of this, rest assured that the people here will warm your hearts and the country itself will somehow strike that chord that will make you want to stay a bit longer than you first planned to!